Feb 2018

5 Best Fish Oil in India Under 1000 Rs : February 2018

by Harsh Tiwari in Lifestyle category

Fish Oil is indeed indispensable in your daily diet as it contains several supplements which can help you in maintaining your health effectively. If you are still wondering, then here is something you need to know. Fish Oil can play an instrumental role in lowering down heart diseases and in return, controlling your cholesterol levels. Apart from that, it can also help in reducing your weight as it is composed of omega-3 fatty acids which play an ultimate role in improving your overall body composition. Also, fish oil is highly recommended for people who are suffering from eye diseases.

Therefore, with a multitude of benefits, fish oil has become an integral part of dietary plans in India. Along with its high nutritional value, what makes it increasingly popular is its ability to prevent diabetes, skin problems , depression, heart diseases and many such ailments. But, always remember that excess of everything is bad. Therefore, it is advisable that not more than 3g/day of fish oil be used.

Fish Oils for Bodybuilding

Whatever fish oil supplements we have listed in this post are extremely helpful for serious bodybuilders. Fish oil contains omega 3 & omega 6 acids which our body cannot produce naturally. Since this is an essential supplement, we need to take it from outside sources such as fish & flaxseed oil. It can help bodybuilders in following ways:

  1. Reduces pain in muscles
  2. Lowers the heart rate when you lift heavy weight
  3. Lowers the breakdown of joint tissues

Some Additional Benefits Of Consuming Fish Oil

  1. Prevention of Alzheimer’s diseases
  2. Maintaining behavioral patterns and anxiety levels
  3. Reducing arthritis pain minimising risks of cardiovascular diseases
  4. Increasing female fertility and pregnancy
  5. Helping in reducing weight

Best Fish Oil Supplements in India 2017

There you go! All these oils are available on amazon at 20%-30% discount and almost all are priced below 1000 rs.

Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil

This enteric coated fish oil is considered extremely useful as it contains a long chain of fatty acids which are multi advantageous and help in maintaining overall well being and health. What makes this product unique is that it caters to many aspects ranging from bodybuilding, reducing arthritis pain to increasing female fertility.

fish oil for bodybuilding

Therefore, this product is very much in demand , as DHA and EPA which are considered to be essential fats, are present in optimum quantity. Also, as it is comparatively easy to swallow softgels , therefore it is preferred by people.

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Platinum 100% Fish Oil

It comprises of key omega fatty acids which are considered essential for growth and development of the body. With a composition of highly rich vitamins and minerals, Platinum 100% Fish Oil, is a perfect choice for those who wish to maintain perfect body shape. With optimum levels of EPA and DHA, it helps you to prevent fish burps which are considered to be troublesome.

best fish oil india

Its enteric – coated softgels also help in prevention of fishy aftertastes. Apart from this, this reasonable priced product is therefore indispensably important for maintenance of cardiovascular health.

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St Botanica Fish Oil

This fish oil is considered to be of utmost importance to those who suffer from heart diseases and extreme joint pains. It’s considered to be natural, odorless , burp-less and gluten free fish oil. What makes this product stand out in the crowd its proportionate nutrients ensure that you get rid of those arthritis pains which can be excruciating at times.

best fish oil brand india

Hence, this reasonable priced product can be good alternative if you are looking for something which can be a one stop solution to many of your health problems.

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Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil

This fish oil is highly rich in vitamins and therefore ensures a healthy immune system. Its nutrient supplement contains Vitamin A and Vitamin D which are essential for healthy growth of teeth, bones and muscles. The nutrients in Seven Seas cod liver oil products can potentially promote heart and musculoskeletal health.

omega 3 supplements

This omega 3 fatty acid supplements also play a great role in strengthening muscles and bones of children in tender age.

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Now that you have got a fair knowledge about benefits of consuming fish oil, don’t be hesitant to try it once. With a multitude of fish oils in the market, choosing the best for yourself can be surely tedious. But, all you need to keep in mind is that, each fish oil product comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is always prudent to choose a product after researching about it thoroughly otherwise you may end up buying something which wouldn’t cater to your needs and requirements. Hence in a nutshell, with a multitude options available in the market, all you need to do is choose the product which suits you in the best way.

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