Aug 2017

Top 5 Best Helmets in India You Should Buy in 2017

by Harsh Tiwari in Lifestyle category

There’s no need to tell that primary function of helmet is to protect the head which is one of the most vital part of our body. Gone are those days when we used to purchase helmets just for safety purpose. Now people prefer style more than anything else. Though it’s good to move with time, we must not forget the prime function of the product while buying it. So, here we are going to enlist some of the best helmets available in India which perform the function of safety at highest level and still maintains the sturdiness. We have listed all sorts of helmets under 5000 rs, 3000 rs, 2000 rs & 1500 rs so that you can have a proper selection as per your budget.

What to look in while buying helmets?

  • Strength of outer shell : This is the most important part of a helmet as it is exposed to sudden impact in case of accidents. It’s often made of reinforced composites which are lightweight yet extremely strong.
  • Good padding : When you wear helmet, this is the part that touches your head. So you should always go for the helmet that offers comfortable & smooth padding.
  • Straps : make sure the chin straps are long enough to cover your entire chin area.
  • Helmet size : one of the most important factor while buying any kind of helmet. Never ever go for loose helmet because it may not protect your head during accident. It’s recommended to go with slightly tight helmet as it ensures safety completely.

Best Helmet Brands in India 2017

Vega Crux CRX-B-L

Vega is certainly one of the most reputed brand in helmet industry. This sturdy helmet comes in 3 vibrant colors – black, white & shining red. Even some people who have got original royal enfield MLG helmets are using this Vega Crux for their Classic 350 bikes. Whether you are a boy or 30+ guy, this will definitely suite your attire in city as well as off road conditions.

Since it’s a flip up helmet, you can easily fold it so it can act as an open face helmet. Smooth padding ensures best possible comfort level and gives you the joy of riding.

best helmet under 1000 rs

So if you are looking for the best helmet under 1500 rs, this should be your first choice.

Vega Off Road Full Face Helmet

As name itself suggests, this is totally meant for off road biking and it can’t be flipped up. Helmet body as well as its visor both are scratch resistant so you don’t need to worry while carrying it anywhere. Being available in multitude colors & different sizes, it definitely has got potential to attract young crowd of India.

top helmet brand under 2000

Vega has used advanced cad technology to give it an aesthetic look without any compromise in quality. You get an excellent fit and insane comfort because of bigger vents that ensure proper air flow. The design is such that it dissipates heat & humidity very efficiently to give you a pleasant ride experience.

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