Jun 2018

5 Best Umbrella in India 2018 : Top Brands Reviewed

by Harsh Tiwari in Lifestyle category

Umbrella is a sure shot convenient addition in any traveller’s bag. The umbrella can be a pretty critical tool to stay dry in case of an unexpected rain shower. It is highly encouraged to carry an umbrella whenever and wherever you go. There are various beautiful umbrellas available in the market, there are foldable umbrellas, classic umbrellas, bubble umbrellas, storm umbrellas and more. These days a splendid number of fashion designers are designing gorgeous umbrellas for your use.

Buying a perfect umbrella might be a bit tricky, there are tonnes of umbrellas available in the market but what do you choose? One must ensure & assess the quality of the umbrella before buying. Look for strong skeleton structure and a good covering material. Today we will talk about the best umbrellas available in the market to customers:

1. Amazon Basics Travel Umbrella

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The umbrella could be of great worth when it’s pouring, the item is a must to carry whenever you go for unprecedented adventures with your loved ones. The umbrella helps you to stay dry in the best possible way. Being available for just Rs. 699, the umbrella is made of 100% polyester material. The colour of this exuberant umbrella is Black, the umbrella measures a full size when open and it is compact when closed.

The gorgeous canopy expands easily at a mere touch of the person, hence promoting a comforting experience. The grip is extremely soft and catchy, the umbrella measures just 11 inches in the closed formation. The sleeve of the umbrella has been imported from overseas and is made entirely of durable steel. Talking about the dimensions, the Umbrella measures 27.9 inches in length & the weight stands at just 365 grams.

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2. Sun Umbrella Classic

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The umbrella has been regarded as the most favourite umbrella amidst the buyers. The umbrella is available in the Black tone in the classic body design & shape. The splendid thing about the Sun Umbrella is that the cloth used in the manufacturing process is Nylon Fabric doped with UV protection for the users. The Sun Umbrella’s handle is made of fine quality virgin plastic, the encapsulating frame is composed of steel. The ribs of the umbrella are strong and can handle heavy duty force on them for sure. The umbrella has been priced at Rs. 475, users can easily the Sun Umbrella. The umbrella weighs about 400 grams and measures 31 centimetres in length.

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3. E Series SPF 95 Umbrella


The astounding umbrella is a 3-fold segment umbrella which has the auto open capability. The material of the umbrella is Nylon, the material has been imported from the famous Taffeta Nylon manufacturer Formosa. The colour option available with the umbrella is Black & Silver. The umbrella is suitable for Men, as the umbrella when fully open is measured at 62 centimetres in height and when closed measures 32 centimetres in length. Interestingly, the weight of the umbrella stands at just 500 grams.

Talking about the frame quality, the E series SPF 95 umbrella is made up of high-quality metallic mount handle. The Umbrella also comes in a sassy easy to carry pouch, it protects your other items from getting wet unnecessarily. The Umbrella is entirely windproof and is feasible for sun & rain both. Longer life has been ensured, apart from that 100% waterproof capability is also there. Buy this extravagant piece of the umbrella and get all the high-quality features with it.

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4. Sun Jumbo Size Umbrella


The Jumbo-sized umbrella from the production house of Sun Umbrellas are garnering the attention, the umbrella is capable of the auto opening facility. The maximum number of the person which this jumbo umbrella can accommodate stands at Two. Talking about the fabric, the umbrella is made from a high-quality blend of imported Nylon. With this umbrella, the UV protection has also been ensured. The masculine body of the Sun Jumbo umbrella stands at massive 54 inches (canopy diameter).

The umbrella can withstand harsh rain, high wind and scorching sunlight as well. The company is making umbrellas for over 135 years and is committed to developing advanced, durable and smart umbrellas with time. The umbrella has been offered with a transparent cover to protect your amenities from getting wet while packed together. A fantastic product is generated from the house of Sun Umbrellas under the influence of high-quality expertise. The Sun Jumbo Size umbrella has been priced at Rs. 750 only.

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The umbrella is truly a great tool cum companion of yours when it pours hard. You can buy your favourite umbrella which might suit your style and appeal. The beauty of the umbrella is derived from the gaudy patches & sassy design. The unpredicted weather can make things worse for you especially if you aren’t having a perfect umbrella with you.

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