Feb 2018

Brain Baazi Referral Code : Enter Coupon to Get Free Extra Life!

by Harsh Tiwari in Lifestyle category

We are writing back on VoucherPlus after a long time, so let me first start by thanking all our visitors. These days earning paytm cash is not a big deal. I have already shared some of the best apps in market that can earn you quite a good amount of paytm money by doing app downloads and watching videos.

Few days back, an app called Loco entered in Indian market that gave free paytm cash to users for playing quizzes. Taking same as a reference, Brain Baazi have launched their brand new app on Google play store which is available free to download.

brainbaazi refer code

In my opinion, this is really the best way to earn paytm cash..why am I saying this? Because there are plenty of apps such as Taskbucks, Cashboss which literally loads your phone with harmful apps in exchange of paytm cash and payments are really low. Sometimes they even don’t offer you money for referring friends. But Brain Baazi is transparent as it’s a real time game. Keep in mind that nobody can give you assurity of earning money through this game. You need to have good general knowledge to answer all questions correctly…then only you will get free paytm cash.

Okay, now let us talk about Brain Baazi referral code & how does this referral program works…

  1. You are asked 11 questions in this game.
  2. If you have referred someone already, then you will have free lives in your account.
  3. Free life is like a lifeline. Means if your 1 answer gets wrong, still you will be in the game.
  4. Only 1 free life can be used per game.

Brain Baazi Referral Code

So now┬áI’m going to share unique coupon for getting free life in Brain Baazi game.

  1. Click here to install Brain Baazi in your phone.
  2. Enter mobile number for signup process.
  3. Enter code tipu when it asks.
  4. Now you will get 1 free life.

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