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Dabangg 3 Movie Full Review 2020 : Is It Worth A Watch?



dabangg 3 full movie watch online

It’s been a week since the largest name in the films of the year Dabangg 3 hit the cinemas, and now’s sufficiently enough to say what’s due.

Dabangg 3 fails to bring something new. Come-on bhai ! We’re done with shirt take-offs and same old family vengeance.

Like I’m not a Bhai fan, and not significantly someone who’d troll him for no reason. This was only second bhai movie that I got into to see in the hall, after Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and the recent release doesn’t nearly impress as the one mentioned.

dabangg 3 full movie watch online

I’m going to keep the review a non-spoiler, so as to not dishearten y’all Bhai fans, who’ve been waiting for the release, but here’s how the movie turns out.

The twist in the movie story, as was shown in the trailer, of Chulbul Pandey, aka Pandey Ji’s old lady love, being there before he’s married to Rajjo, kind of appeals to you, to go see the movie. The movie then hits a standstill, and you feel if the movie isn’t moving forward. The decades old vengeance storyline of Bollywood, has been rebranded. The actor-in-chief, for the negative role, Sudeep Kichcha aka Balli Singh, shows a good match to the theme, and this has been noted down by a large audience.

The songs aren’t pretty binding, with the male version to ‘Munni Badnam Hui’ presented as ‘Munna Badnam Hua’, not being able to create the same stir the former had, during the first movie release in the Dabangg series. I certainly don’t wanna sound like an able movie critic, but Sonakshi was decent in her role.

dabangg 3 download

To cut things short, if you’re a hardcore Bhai fan, you’ll find yourself a good couple of hours time with the movie, and if not, well, I really don’t feel the movie has anything to offer, unless you’d really want some old-school family vengeance, with some twists, and the lead hero taking down a bunch of villains with his fists.

Nevertheless, the movie has now crossed 120 Crores in a week, and considering the fanbase of Bhai, the collections are only to grow hereafter, particularly, when the strikes happening over CAB protests are lifted.

Dabangg 3 Full Movie Download 2020

Sorry, we can not share Dabangg 3 full movie download link here as it is against our policies. But there are many groups on Telegram where you’ll find the movie download link. But still, we do not recommend you to watch movie this way. Thanks for scrolling by!

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Thambi Movie Leaked By TamilRockers Again!



thambi movie download

The originally released Tamil movie, and now dubbed in Telugu, Thambi, appeals as a suspense and comedy presentation.

Thambi Movie Cast

It has :

Karthi – playing Saravanan, Vicky

Jyothika – playing Parvathy

Sathyaraj – playing Gnanamoorthy

Nikhila Vimal – playing Sanjana

thambi movie download

Thambi Plot & Review

The Jeetu Joseph’s direction, Thambi, revolves round a lost kid who’d left his home long ago, while a child. The family is worried about his well-being. The sister Parvathy hopes that his brother would return one day, and the boy’s childhood love, Sanjana, also has similar feelings.

The boy’s father is a renowned politician, and one fine day, he gets to know about someone who looked like his son, to be in Goa. He immediately calls upon the man, who’d resemble Saravanan, to his house. But the child who was brought was only an impostor named Vicky, who was a crook, and fooled people into giving him their belongings.

Vicky, overwhelmed by the course of luck he’s come to, sees it as an opportunity to grab his claimed father’s farmhouse. He tries to win his sister’s heart, and not anyone of them know about his real identity, except for his grandmother, who is sceptical about the boy being original Saravanan. Also, Sanjana is beyond the moon to see her crush finally after years. Now begins a real challenge for Vicky, to keep up to their trust, and do what he’s been planning to….

The movie then takes a turn after the interval, and not everything is what we’re going to reveal here. You can go watch the movie to know how it turns out, and how the climax takes a setback.

The movie has a good storyline, not quite convincingly presented though, as the emotions between siblings hasn’t been used fully, and things for Vicky look too easy to get troubled by. Also, Moorthy has easily taken the man to be his own lost son. One thing that looks impressive however is the turn, the movie takes in its course after the first half. You can go watch it, and it promises to be paisa-wasool.

thambi review

Thambi Full Movie Download Link 2020 Leaked by TamilRockers

Sorry, we can not share Thambi full movie download link here as it is against our policies. But there are many groups on Telegram where you’ll find the movie download link. But still, we do not recommend you to watch movie this way. Thanks for scrolling by!

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